Getting Started

Getting Started with StackIt

Welcome to StackIt, your go-to platform for spreadsheet automation. With StackIt, you can seamlessly connect multiple SaaS tools and pull data directly into Google Sheets with just one click. Say goodbye to manual exports and embrace the power of automated data integration.

Installing StackIt on Google Sheets

  1. Access Google Workspace Marketplace:

    • Open Google Sheets.

    • Click on Extensions from the Google Sheets menu.

    • Select Add-ons and choose Get Add-ons. This action will redirect you to the Google Workspace Marketplace.

  2. Install StackIt:

    • In the Google Workspace Marketplace pop-up window, search for "StackIt".

    • Follow the installation prompts to add StackIt to your Google Sheets.

  3. Launch StackIt:

    • Once installed, navigate back to the Extensions menu tab in Google Sheets.

    • Launch StackIt from there. You should now see StackIt running as a side panel on the right side of your screen.


  1. For the best experience, install StackIt where there's only a single account logged in the Chrome profile

  2. In cases where only "Help" is visible after clicking on Extensions kindly refresh your Google Sheet and it should work.