Launching StackIt

  1. Issue: StackIt is not appearing under the Extensions in Google Sheets


    1. Refresh Your Google Sheet: After installing StackIt, please refresh the Google Sheet you're working on.

    2. Check after a 10-second wait: Pause for about 10 seconds, then navigate to the "Extensions" menu. "StackIt" should be listed there.

    3. Verify the Google Account: Ensure you're logged into the Google account you used to install StackIt. Sometimes, being logged into multiple accounts can cause visibility issues.

    4. Reach Out for Support: If you've tried the above steps and still can't see StackIt, don't hesitate to contact us. We aim to respond within 12 hours.

  2. Issue: StackIt keeps loading but doesn't launch.


    This issue often arises with Google Workspace when users have multiple Google accounts. If StackIt is installed on a non-default account, it may not launch properly.

    1. Install on Default Account:

      • For a seamless experience, consider installing StackIt on the default Google account associated with your browser.

    2. Use a Dedicated Chrome Profile (For Chrome Users):

      • Create a new Chrome profile dedicated solely to a single Google account. This ensures no account conflicts when launching StackIt.

    3. Incognito Mode as a Workaround:

      • As a temporary solution, launch an incognito window in your browser and access StackIt. This mode ensures no account conflicts for that session

  3. Issue: Unable to launch StackIt by clicking "Use" under the "Document Add-Ons" in Google Sheets.


    In certain cases, Google Sheets doesn't allow you to launch extensions from the "Documents Add-On" menu. Please follow the following method to launch StackIt:

    1. Refresh the Sheet: After you've installed StackIt, refresh your current Google Sheet to ensure all add-ons are properly loaded.

    2. Check after a 10 seconds wait: Allow about 10 seconds for the sheet to fully load. Then, head over to the "Extensions" menu where you should find "StackIt" listed.

    3. Launching StackIt: Once you locate "StackIt" in the menu, click on it. You should see an option labeled "Launch StackIt". Select this to start using the add-on.