HubSpot Native Google Sheets Integration vs. StackIt : A Comprehensive Comparison

Explore the key differences between HubSpot's native Google Sheets integration and StackIt, highlighting the advantages that StackIt brings to the table. Automate your Hubspot workflows on Google Sheets.

Jun 22, 2023

As businesses strive to streamline their sales and marketing processes, the integration between customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and Google Sheets has become increasingly important.

HubSpot, offers native integration with Google Sheets. However, StackIt presents a compelling alternative that addresses several limitations of native integration. In this blog post, we will explore the key differences between HubSpot's native Google Sheets integration and StackIt, highlighting the advantages that StackIt brings to the table. Join the waitlist today.

Key Differences between Hubspot Native Google Sheets Integration and StackIt Hubspot Google Sheets Integration

  1. Speed and Performance

    One of the primary pain points of HubSpot's native integration is its slow performance. Renaming, removing, or replacing columns in Google Sheets can disrupt the mapping within the integration, leading to data inconsistencies and confusion.

    StackIt excels in this aspect, providing a super-fast integration experience, and ensuring efficient data synchronization between HubSpot and Google Sheets.

  2. Data Management

    HubSpot's native integration lacks support for previous submissions, resulting in all past submissions being imported into a single row. This limitation makes data analysis and sorting a cumbersome manual task.

    StackIt offers the ability to import both new and past submissions into separate rows, allowing for easy analysis and organization of data.

  3. Availability and Cost

    HubSpot's native integration is only available on certain paid plans where workflows are enabled, limiting access for users on free or lower-tier plans.

    StackIt, on the other hand, is accessible to all HubSpot users, irrespective of their plan level, including free plan users, making it more accessible to everyone.

  4. Data Formatting and Export

    HubSpot's native integration has limited options for exporting data in multiple formats, especially when it comes to date outputs.

    StackIt provides users with the flexibility to export data in various formats, including human-readable date formats, allowing for better customization and presentation of data.

  5. Expanded Data Export

    The native integration does not support the export of "Deals" data, which is a critical aspect of CRM management.

    StackIt offers the capability to export the "Deals" section, providing users with a comprehensive view of their sales pipeline and enabling more robust reporting and analysis.

  6. Custom Fields and Data Trustworthiness

    The native integration's export of custom fields can be messy and unreliable, leading to potential data discrepancies.

    StackIt ensures accurate and reliable export of custom fields, preserving the integrity of the data and enhancing trustworthiness.

  7. Ease of Use and Time Efficiency

    The native integration can be challenging to use and time-consuming, particularly when troubleshooting mapping issues or handling data inconsistencies.

    StackIt provides a user-friendly interface and a streamlined setup process, saving time and effort while ensuring a smooth integration experience.


While HubSpot's native Google Sheets integration offers some basic functionality, StackIt emerges as a superior alternative, addressing several limitations and providing enhanced features and flexibility. With its lightning-fast performance, easy-to-use interface, clean exports, and support for all HubSpot users, including those on the free plan, StackIt empowers businesses to leverage the power of Google Sheets for comprehensive CRM data management and analysis. By choosing StackIt, businesses can overcome the shortcomings of the native integration and optimize their sales and marketing processes with confidence. Join the waitlist today.

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