Top 10 HubSpot Plugins for RevOps Teams

Unlock the potential of RevOps with essential HubSpot plugins. Dive into categories from Revenue Intelligence to Project Management, and supercharge your data analysis with StackIt's Google Sheets integration.

Sep 12, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of Revenue Operations (RevOps), the right tools can significantly streamline processes, ensuring that sales, marketing, and customer service teams operate in harmony. HubSpot, a cornerstone for many RevOps teams, offers a myriad of plugins to enhance its capabilities. For StackIt users, especially those leveraging our Google Sheets connector, understanding these plugins can be a game-changer.

Let's dive into the top HubSpot plugins, categorized for easy navigation:

  1. AI Plugins/Tools for RevOps Teams

    Use with HubSpot to ask questions about your HubSpot data. It’s still in beta and is getting better over time.

  2. CRM & Sales Enablement

    Boost your sales processes with tools that integrate seamlessly with HubSpot. We are sure that you have already connected your CRM like - Salesforce, Pipedrive, and other popular ones. So we are not going to cover those. But let’s dig deeper into tools that can 10X your workflows.

    PandaDoc or DocuSign

    Streamline the sales process by sending, tracking, and getting e-signatures on sales documents directly within HubSpot.

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Target the right buyers, understand key insights, and engage with personalized outreach.

    StackIt Pro Tip: Use StackIt to pull your HubSpot CRM data into Google Sheets to analyze it deeply.

  3. Data & Analytics

    Make data-driven decisions with these integrative tools.


    Pull your HubSpot data into Google Sheets, enhancing your analysis.

    StackIt Pro Tip: Use StackIt to create a powerful data analytics hub within Google Sheets, pulling data from multiple SaaS platforms.

  4. Marketing Automation & Email:

    Optimize your marketing campaigns with these plugins.


    Create and integrate landing pages with HubSpot for effective lead capture.


    Improve deliverability and your sender reputation.

    StackIt Pro Tip: Track email campaign metrics and landing page conversions in Google Sheets using StackIt, giving you a holistic view of your marketing efforts.

  5. E-commerce & Revenue Generation

    For those in the e-commerce space, these tools are invaluable.


    Sync online store data with HubSpot, understanding purchase behaviors and tailoring marketing efforts.


    Sync square data and HubSpot customers.

    WooCommerce by MakeWebBetter

    If you are not a Shopify customer and use WooCommerce. You should definitely use this extension.

    StackIt Pro Tip: Monitor sales data from Shopify in Google Sheets using StackIt, allowing for real-time revenue tracking and forecasting.

  6. Customer Support & Success

    Enhance customer interactions with these integrative tools.


    A cloud-based phone system that integrates with HubSpot, providing valuable call data.

    Help Scout

    Integrate customer support data with HubSpot for a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

    ZoomInfo Inbound Enrich

    ZoomInfo Inbound Enrich ensures that contact and company records are correct, complete, and consistent—allowing you to understand your customer better, and earn more revenue.

    StackIt Pro Tip: Use StackIt to analyze customer support metrics and feedback in Google Sheets, ensuring customer satisfaction and identifying areas for improvement.

  7. Web & Video Conferencing

    Boost virtual interactions with these plugins.


    Integrate webinars and meetings with HubSpot for enhanced attendee tracking.


    Host and track video engagement within HubSpot, optimizing content delivery.

7. Revenue Intelligence: Gain deeper insights into your revenue streams and optimize your strategies.

  • Capture and analyze customer interactions, from sales calls to emails, to understand what strategies are driving revenue.

StackIt Pro Tip: Use StackIt to consolidate revenue intelligence data in Google Sheets. By visualizing trends and patterns, you can refine your sales strategies and forecast more accurately.

8. Project Management: Keep your RevOps projects on track with these integrative tools.

  • Trello: With the Trello integration for HubSpot, you can sync your CRM data with your project boards, ensuring that sales and marketing projects are aligned with customer data.

  • Asana: Integrate HubSpot with Asana to ensure that your marketing, sales, and service tasks are coordinated and on schedule.

  • Honorary mentions: ClickUp and Notion

StackIt Pro Tip: Pull project milestones and task completions into Google Sheets using StackIt. By overlaying this with sales and marketing data, you can see how project management impacts your bottom line.

9. Notifications/Alerting: Stay on top of critical updates and ensure timely responses.

  • Slack: Integrate HubSpot with Slack to receive real-time notifications about lead activities, deal stages, and more, ensuring that your team is always in the loop.

  • Rattle: Create notifications for all kinds of workflows for your RevOps workflows. Even though this is not available in the HubSpot marketplace, we think

StackIt Pro Tip: Set up a workflow to get notified whenever your customer upgrades or downgrades plans. Or when the bill date is due.


The world of RevOps is multifaceted, and the right integrations can make all the difference. By leveraging HubSpot plugins across various categories, from revenue intelligence to project management, teams can operate more efficiently and drive growth. And with StackIt's Google Sheets connector, data from all these tools can be centralized, analyzed, and acted upon. Dive into these plugins and integrations, and elevate your RevOps game to new heights!

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