Case Study

Empowering CallHippo with Customized Subscription Analytics using StackIt

CallHippo automated subscription analytics reports by connecting Chargebee and Google Sheets using StackIt. This led CallHippo to uncover crucial business insights.


CallHippo was facing challenges in analyzing SaaS metrics directly imacting growth. It sought StackIt's assistance to help them automate their customized SaaS metric reports with different segmentations, not available on Chargebee directly. The manual creation of revenue reports from Chargebee was time-consuming and hindered in-depth data analysis. StackIt's solution automated the process, providing personalized reports and uncovering blind spots, ultimately enhancing CallHippo's efficiency and revenue tracking capabilities by 50%.

What were the challenges faced by the CallHippo team?

Ankit - Callhippo's founder, wanted to analyze revenue metrics deeply. He tried Chartmogul, but numbers weren't adding up, and he didn't like its limited flexibility. The kind of reporting and depth he needed was only possible on a spreadsheet.

He ended up tracking revenue reports on Google Sheets because of the flexibility Google Sheets offers. However, creating these reports on Google Sheets involved manual tasks such as downloading CSVs from Chargebee and cleaning data before analysing trends. The founder aimed to automate this workflow to focus on uncovering patterns contributing to high churn and low expansion.

The problems stemmed from:

a. Manual Workflows: Downloading CSVs from Chargebee to Google Sheets became a weekly, time-consuming task, taking almost two days to generate reports. The need for in-depth data analysis, not feasible on Chargebee, led them to seek a more flexible solution.

b. Need for Custom Subscription Analytics: Callhippo desired custom reports beyond the capabilities of standard Chargebee or other subscription analytics tools like Chartmogul. They sought a solution, like StackIt, to automate the creation of bespoke reports and bring them directly to the team.

c. Standard Calculations were not cutting it: Callhippo's usage of Chargebee, while personalized, led to irregularities in data due to specific preferences, such as avoiding invoices paid in INR. With such customisations, standard calculations resulted in inaccurate revenue numbers.

How StackIt Solved the Problem?

StackIt connected Google Sheets with Callhippo's Chargebee account enabling seamless real-time integration of Chargebee data and Google Sheets.

Customized Subscription Insights: StackIt went above and beyond by furnishing Callhippo with a detailed history of each subscription. This involved the historical MRR and meticulous tracking of movements within their MRR over time. 

Automated Personalized Reports: As Callhippo sought to navigate the intricacies of their financial data, StackIt empowered them to effortlessly generate reports, including a personalized MRR by Plans report, Churn Report, and MRR movement reports. 

Impact on Business

  • Eliminated manual two-day-process per week by automating reports

  • Enabled tracking of revenue growth and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for business insights

  • Identified revenue blind spots in Chargebee data, leading to a significant discovery of a 15% loss in overall business revenue which wasn't being accounted for earlier.


StackIt's collaboration with CallHippo transformed their approach to revenue reporting, addressing manual challenges and uncovering crucial business insights. The tailored automation solution improved efficiency, saved time, and enhanced revenue tracking capabilities, making StackIt a valuable asset to CallHippo's growth strategy.

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