How to solve common challenges RevOps teams face with Chargebee?

Delve deeper into challenges that RevOps teams grapple with while using Chargebee and explore practical ways to overcome them.

Sep 1, 2023


In the new age of businesses, Revenue Operations (RevOps) has emerged as a function which, seamlessly integrates sales, marketing, and customer service functions. This holistic strategy, while transformative, brings forth a myriad of data-centric challenges.

This article delves deep into these challenges and offers actionable solutions to overcome these challenges.

Understanding RevOps Data Challenges:

  1. Siloed Subscription Data:

    While Chargebee is a powerhouse for subscription management, businesses often use multiple tools for different operations. This leads to subscription data being isolated from other crucial business data, making it tough to get a comprehensive view of customer interactions and revenue streams.

  2. Dynamic Data Requirements:

    Business strategies are ever-evolving, adapting to the shifting demands of the market. This fluidity means that data sources, structures, and interpretations are in constant flux, necessitating agility in data management.

  3. Complexities in using Data Visualization Tools:

    Tools like Tableau and Power BI are great for data visualization, but they might not be tailored for the nuances of subscription metrics. Along with this - these tools don’t connect with Chargebee directly, so you need a developer to connect these tools and then an analyst to build these dashboards.

    Integrating Chargebee data into these tools and deriving meaningful insights, like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) or Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), requires additional effort

  4. Complex System Integrations:

    Merging systems, such as Salesforce with platforms like Chargebee for revenue recognition, can be intricate. Inefficient integrations can lead to data inconsistencies, clouding the decision-making process. For instance, sharing subscription renewal data or churn rates with the Customer Success department becomes a daily necessity to ensure timely interventions.

Strategies to Conquer RevOps Data Challenges:

  1. Unified Data Management Platforms:

    • Manually consolidating data from different sources using spreadsheets can be a starting point. RevOps teams can create shared dashboards to visualize and analyze data.

    • Platforms like Domo and Snowflake allow RevOps teams to consolidate data from various sources. These platforms offer advanced analytics and visualization capabilities.

    • However, while they provide a broad data overview, they might lack the flexibility and ease of use required for quick, on-the-fly analyses.

  2. Automation:

    • RevOps teams can set up manual routines to update data, ensuring consistency and accuracy regularly.

    • Zapier and similar platforms enable RevOps teams to automate data flows between different systems. By setting up triggers and actions, teams can ensure data consistency across platforms.

    • However, while Zapier can streamline workflows, it might not offer comprehensive historical data access, which is crucial for trend analysis.

  3. Bridging SaaS Integration Gaps:

    • RevOps teams can manually export and import data between systems, ensuring that all platforms have the latest data.

    • MuleSoft and Jitterbit are integration platforms that can connect various SaaS tools. For RevOps teams, this means seamless data flow between CRM, marketing, and sales platforms.

    • However setting them up can be technical, and they might not always offer real-time data syncing.

  4. Cultivating a Data-Driven Culture:

    • RevOps teams can foster a culture where decisions are backed by data. Regular team meetings to discuss insights and trends can be a starting point.

    • Looker and Splunk are powerful analytics platforms. RevOps teams can use them to create detailed reports and dashboards, offering insights into sales, marketing, and customer service metrics.

    • However, they might have a steep learning curve, and their extensive features could overwhelm those seeking quick insights.

The StackIt Edge for RevOps Teams:

StackIt stands out in the vast sea of RevOps tools, offering a suite of unique and powerful features tailored to address the specific challenges faced by RevOps teams:

  1. Centralized Data Integration:

    StackIt integrates live data from various tools directly into Google Sheets, it democratizes data access, ensuring that every team member, irrespective of their technical proficiency, can access and understand the data. This promotes collaboration and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

  2. Almost Real-time Data Updates:

    The world of revenue operations is ever-evolving. As subscriptions renew or lapse, as invoices are generated or settled, and as transactions occur, you need to be in the loop. StackIt automatically refreshes sheets with the latest data from Chargebee, allowing for timely and informed decisions.

  3. Granular Data Analysis:

    StackIt's integration with Google Sheets allows teams to dissect and analyze various metrics from Chargebee. Dive deep into Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), analyze invoice patterns or track transaction trends. With the combined power of StackIt and Chargebee, you can derive actionable insights directly from your spreadsheet.

  4. Proactive Operations with Custom Alerts:

    In the fast-paced world of RevOps, being reactive can mean missed opportunities. StackIt's custom alert features ensure that teams are always informed about vital data changes, allowing them to be proactive rather than reactive. Whether it's a sudden spike in churn rates or a significant subscription renewal, StackIt ensures you're the first to know.

  5. Collaborative Revenue Management:

    With data from Chargebee channeled into Google Sheets via StackIt, collaboration is effortless. Whether the finance team is forecasting revenue, the sales team is tracking new subscriptions, or the operations team is monitoring invoice settlements, everyone can work together on a unified platform.


As RevOps continues to redefine the business landscape, the associated data challenges are undeniable. However, with strategic foresight and innovative tools like StackIt, RevOps teams are well-equipped to navigate these challenges and harness them as catalysts for growth. In this age of information, the right tools, combined with a data-centric approach, can guide RevOps teams toward unparalleled success and innovation.

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