Top 10 plugins for RevOps teams on the Chargebee Marketplace

For Revenue Operations (RevOps) teams, the right tools can make all the difference. Here are the top 10 plugins from Chargebee's Marketplace that can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Aug 28, 2023


In the dynamic world of Revenue Operations (RevOps), the right tools can make all the difference. Chargebee's Marketplace offers a plethora of plugins that can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, enhancing efficiency and productivity. In this blog, we'll explore the top 10 plugins inside Chargebee’s marketplace that every RevOps professional should consider.

We have tried to include plugins that can fit into your existing systems and where you don't have to adopt a new platform.

Top 10 Plugins for RevOps:

  1. StackIt

    Get data from Chargebee to Google Sheets automatically

    1. What it does:

      • Automatically Pull data from Chargebee to Google Sheets: Integrate with Chargebee along with other data sources and pull data to Google Sheets in one click.

    2. How it can supercharge workflows:

      • Real-time Reports & Dashboards: Create dashboards and reports that automatically update in Google Sheets without relying on an analyst or a developer. Get the fidelity of a tableau with the flexibility of a spreadsheet.

      • Do Complex Data Analysis: Crunch complex numbers from different data sources, go deeper, and create reports from multiple data sources, all within the comfort of spreadsheets.

      • Keep stakeholders extremely happy: A lot of stakeholders prefer Google Sheets/spreadsheets to see their reports, so automate this entire task with StackIt.

      • Leverage AI: Using StackIt’s AI functionalities, talk to your Chargebee data using natural language to satisfy your business intent.

      • Automatic Data Refreshes: Schedule data refreshes to automatically pull data on a set interval.

  2. Groove

    See customer and subscriptions information within Groove

    1. What it does:

      • Cloud-Based Helpdesk Application: Groove helps track and manage customer support tickets, ensuring efficient resolution of customer issues.

    2. How it can supercharge workflows:

      • Customer and Subscription Information: With Chargebee's integration, Groove displays customer and subscription details right next to the support ticket. This eliminates the need to switch between browser tabs, boosting the productivity of customer support teams.

      • Enhanced Context for Support Teams: Support teams can access all the necessary context about customers and their subscriptions without leaving Groove.

      • Search Functionality: Chargebee's search within Groove allows support teams to find the right customer by company name, even if the requester isn't available on Chargebee.

  3. HubSpot Quote to Cash:

    Simplify your quote to cash workflows using Chargebee's Quote to cash

    1. What it does:

      • CRM and Finance Integration: Bridges the gap between CRM operations and financial processes.

    2. How it can supercharge workflows:

      • Automated Quote-to-Cash Process: Streamlines the entire sales journey, from sending quotes to realizing revenue, ensuring accuracy, and reducing manual data entry.

      • Enhanced Sales Workflow: Reduces sales cycle times and ensures accurate billing and invoicing.

  4. Slack:

    Get Subscription notifications right into your Slack channel

    1. What it does:

      • Collaboration Hub: We are sure, you know what Slack does. If you are using Slack we highly recommend you set up notifications from Chargebee!

    2. How it can supercharge workflows:

      • Real-time Subscription Notifications: With Chargebee's integration, teams receive instant notifications about customer subscriptions, renewals, and payment statuses.

  5. QuickBooks Online:

    Automate your accounting workflow between Chargebee and QuickBooks Online

    1. What it does:

      • Accounting Software: Streamlines accounting processes for businesses.

    2. How it can supercharge workflows:

      • Seamless Accounting Workflow: Automates the syncing of invoices, payments, credit notes, and more between Chargebee and QuickBooks.

      • Financial Reporting: Enables businesses to generate accurate financial and tax liability reports with ease.

  6. Zapier:

    Build custom workflows between Chargebee and your tools

    1. What it does:

      • Integration and Automation Platform: Connects Chargebee with over 2,000+ apps to automate workflows.

      • It's important to keep in mind that Zapier is designed for creating workflows, similar to If This Then That (IFTTT). However, if you're looking to retrieve a significant amount of data, Zapier may not be the best option. It can become costly and is not ideal for managing bulk data. Additionally, Zapier only offers real-time data.

    2. How it can supercharge workflows:

      • Custom Workflows: Build tailored workflows between Chargebee and other tools, automating tasks and enhancing efficiency.

      • No Coding Required: Enables non-technical users to set up integrations and automations without coding.

  7. ActiveCampaign:

    Intelligent marketing automation with Subscription data

    1. What it does:

      • Marketing Automation: Specializes in sending contextual messages and tailored marketing campaigns for enhanced customer engagement.

    2. How it can supercharge workflows:

      • Chargebee Integration: Syncs customer and subscription data from Chargebee, enabling specialized email automation workflows based on subscription parameters.

      • Feedback Collection: Gathers insights from customer interactions, aiding in refining marketing strategies.

      • Versatile Integrations: Known to integrate with various CRM and e-commerce platforms, amplifying its utility across different business operations.

  8. ProsperStack

    Prevent churn automatically with a better cancellation experience

    1. What it does:

      • Automated Churn Prevention: Seamlessly integrates with Chargebee to manage cancellations and automatically prevent churn through targeted retention offers.

    2. How it can supercharge workflows:

      • Feedback & Insights: Collects feedback during the cancellation process, offering insights into customer behavior and reasons for leaving.

      • A/B Testing & Optimization: Enables businesses to test and optimize retention strategies, ensuring the most effective approach to customer retention.

      • Enhanced Customer Segmentation: Utilizes Chargebee data for powerful customer segmentation, allowing for tailored cancellation experiences and targeted offers.

  9. Google Analytics:

    Send Checkout page events to Google Analytics

    1. What it does:

      • Event Tracking: With Chargebee's integration, businesses can utilize Events Analytics to monitor the usage of Chargebee Checkout pages, Self-serve portal, and Thank You pages.

    2. How it can supercharge workflows:

      • Website Metrics: Google Analytics allows tracking of key metrics such as conversions, traffic sources, and exit percentages, providing a comprehensive view of website performance.

      • Enhanced Customer Insights: Post customer interactions with Chargebee checkout and portal pages as events to Google Analytics, enabling businesses to understand customer behavior and preferences better.

      • Feedback and Behavior Analysis: Build funnels, track user behavior, and gather feedback from the market related to products, pricing, and services.

  10. GetAccept:

    Send Chargebee Quotes for e-signing via GetAccept

    1. What it does:

      • E-signing for Quotes: Enables businesses to send Chargebee quotes to customers for digital signing via GetAccept.

    2. How it can supercharge workflows:

      • Automated Follow-ups: GetAccept automatically follows up with customers for signing, reducing manual intervention and ensuring timely responses.

      • Customized Quote Templates: Offers the flexibility to choose between Chargebee's default quote template and custom GetAccept templates.

      • Streamlined Subscription Creation: Upon customer approval or e-signing, a subscription can be automatically created in Chargebee, simplifying the sales-to-subscription process.


The right tools can elevate the capabilities of a RevOps team, driving efficiency, accuracy, and growth. Chargebee's Marketplace offers a curated list of plugins designed to integrate seamlessly with your systems. Whether you're looking to automate data entry, gain deeper insights into subscription metrics, or enhance customer support, there's a tool for you. And with StackIt leading the way, data analytics has never been more accessible.

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