How to connect HubSpot to Google Sheets in one-click

Discover how to effortlessly connect HubSpot to Google Sheets with StackIt. Export your HubSpot data seamlessly without coding and automate your workflows for enhanced productivity

Jul 11, 2023


Exporting data from HubSpot to spreadsheets can be a process that requires some effort and may involve repetitive tasks. However, this blog helps you export HubSpot data directly into Google Sheets, simplifying the process and saving time.

With these steps, you can efficiently transfer your HubSpot data to Google Sheets, which offers more flexibility and convenience for working with your data in a spreadsheet environment.

Why export data from HubSpot to Google Sheets using StackIt?

  1. Quick and Easy - With our integration with HubSpot, you can directly connect your sheets with HubSpot. We’ve spent hours breaking down the data points in a way that it’s really easy to find. And in the format, you’re already familiar with.

  2. Visual Preview of Imports - Even before you get the data to sheet, get a visual preview of how your import would look like. Choose whichever columns you want in the format that you want. Say goodbye to messy and untidy imports. You can also sort and filter your columns during the preview.

  3. All the benefits of Google Sheets - Our customers often import data from HubSpot into Google Sheets for collaborative data analysis, powerful data visualization tools, and easy integration with other Google services.

  4. Automatic Refreshes - Keep your sheets in sync with Google Sheets with one-click refreshes. You can also schedule hourly, daily, and weekly refreshes so that your sheets are always in sync with the data sources.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough: How to connect HubSpot to Google Sheets?

Here’s a step-by-step overview of how to connect HubSpot to Google Sheets using StackIt’s new connector.

Step 1: Click Extensions from the Google Sheets menu. Select Add-ons and choose to Get Add-ons. This will bring you to the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Step 2: Look for StackIt in the Google Marketplace pop-up window and install the app by following the prompts.

Step 3: Navigate back to the Extensions menu tab and launch StackIt from there. You should see StackIt running as a Google Sheets side panel on the right side of your screen. Click on Import and Refresh Data Regularly

Step 4: Select HubSpot from the list of data sources.

Step 5: Go through all the directions and prompts to connect your HubSpot account to Google Sheets.

Step 6: Now select the objects from the list you want to import from. Let's say we want Deals data.

Step 7: Next, select the fields to add before importing HubSpot data and visually preview your data before importing.

Step 8: When you click Import, the data you want to export from HubSpot should auto-populate your Google spreadsheet like this:

StackIt lets you refresh your imported data instantly with one click or set it to auto-refresh on a pre-set schedule.

This way, you won’t need to manually update your HubSpot data in Google Sheets to reflect changes from the source.

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Visual Data Preview

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Gathering all your data has never been simpler.

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